About RCF Economic and Financial Consulting, Inc.

RCF offers a variety of services, including:

Market Analyses and Forecasting

RCF analyzes product demand and supply factors and prepares forecasts for a variety of local, national, and international products and services.  RCF performs detailed evaluations of market consequences of proposed or anticipated changes in market strategies.

Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

RCF economists prepare and deliver expert witness testimony in a wide variety of court and regulatory proceedings.

Regional and Local Economic Impact Studies

RCF analyzes demographic trends and evaluates regional economic changes using input-output and econometric techniques.  RCF performs economic development studies including local economic forecasting, economic impact studies, zoning studies, local tax policy analysis, labor economics studies, analyses of real estate markets, business damage assessments and lost wages analyses.

Regulatory Impact and Policy Evaluation

RCF analyzes policy alternatives, and existing and proposed regulations including energy, environmental, and financial market regulations.

Strategic Planning

RCF provides economic analysis of alternative strategies, and estimation and forecast of product demand and costs.

Capital Requirements and Account Loss Analysis

RCF assists financial institutions with capital reserve requirements analysis, and develops statistical models to analyze account loss data.

Analysis to Support Financing

RCF economists prepare revenue and cash flow forecasts to support financing requests for local governments and businesses.

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