Benjamin Murray, Economist

Mr. Murray has carried out forecast preparation, econometric analysis and database management for work concerning different products and studies ranging from mail volume behavior to geospatial hedonic property value analysis.  Mr. Murray has also worked with code to expedite the process of entering large raw data files into user-friendly datasets.  He has also created and reformatted many different datasets and spreadsheets to improve the quality of analysis and convenience. Recently, Mr. Murray has researched possible causes and outcomes of the next recession by analyzing multiple indicators’ behavior before, during, and after the most recent recessions.  This work aims to determine the individuality of each recession and its unique effect on the rest of the economy.

Mr. Murray has also worked on projects such as studies of employment and population levels in the counties of Illinois and surrounding states since the Great Recession, a study on land values and taxes surrounding a closed nuclear power plant, and research on housing levels, prices and vacancies in Chicago.

Mr. Murray received a B.A. in Economics with honors from Oberlin College.