Louise Collis, Senior Economist

Ms. Collis is a Senior Economist at RCF where she performs econometric forecasting, development of price indices, and conducts industry research on a variety of topics. Prior to joining RCF, Ms. Collis worked in legal economic consulting performing analysis and studies in support of legal disputes, and preparing expert witnesses for litigation. Ms. Collis also spent many years as an economist at the Australian Communications and Media Authority where she conducted numerous cost-benefit analyses of public policies and advised on the pricing of federal assets. Ms. Collis’ experience spans a range of industries including telecommunications, transportation, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and radiocommunications. She also has experience designing and evaluating auctions and setting starting prices for spectrum, fishing and forestry auctions.

Ms. Collis holds a Master of Economics from the Australian National University and a B.Ec. from the University of Adelaide, with concentrations in econometrics and pricing.