Peter Bernstein, Vice President

Mr. Bernstein is a Vice President at RCF and has testified before the Postal Rate Commission on numerous occasions and has also been a witness on behalf of the Postal Service in its labor interest arbitration hearings with various postal unions.  He has co-authored several studies with the USPS Office of the Inspector General.  He has also testified on matters related to the impacts of retail blight, and a proposed living wage ordinance.

Mr. Bernstein has performed a wide variety of other projects while at RCF including: co-authoring an analysis of a proposed “Living Wage” ordinance for the City of Chicago with George Tolley, which was published by the Employment Policy Institute;  development of the Chicago Data Book, a compilation of economic and demographic information about the Chicago area; working with economists at Arthur Andersen to analyze damages associated with a cancelled purchase of a cable television network; co-authoring a published article on the economic impact of privatizing naval housing for the Center for Naval Analyses; identifying potential market opportunities for two-way radio for the Motorola Corporation; directing a large scale survey of over 7,500 O’Hare International Airport passengers for the Chicago Department of Aviation; and authoring analyses of Tax Increment Financing and a comparison of local tax burdens for the City of Chicago.

Mr. Bernstein is also Vice President of the Chicago Association for Business Economists and a member of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve’s Society of Professional Forecasters.  He teaches economics at DePaul University.  Prior to working at RCF, he was a member of the economics department of Loyola University.

Mr. Bernstein has B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from the University of Chicago.