Stephanie Burr, Senior Economist

Ms. Burr is a Senior Economist with RCF.  She focuses on economic impact models focused on the development of hydrogen and natural gas-related technologies, as well as construction and development activities through the Illinois area.  Ms. Burr is trained in technical software including Stata and EViews for statistical modeling and forecasting, IMPLAN and RIMS II modeling for economic impact analysis, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for spatial modeling and analysis.

Prior to working at RCF, Ms. Burr worked as an economist in the environmental consulting sector where she focused  on regulatory analysis of energy and mining, cost-benefit analysis of climate change adaptation, ecosystem service analysis, and economic impacts of renewables and recyclables.

Ms. Burr received a B.A. in Economics from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a M.S. in Economics from Portland State University.