RCF economists have expertise in questionnaire design, survey administration, conducting stakeholder interviews, and analysis of survey results. Proven elicitation techniques including interactive survey, interviews, physical space tours, and others as needed.  Concept mapping and construct operationalization.  Designs that maximize response rate.  Survey piloting for quality control.  Key-Individual Identification and Network Mapping. 

Past Performance of Survey Engagements

Recreational Benefit Estimation
The University of Chicago

Researchers at RCF designed and implemented a large-scale survey of Chicago beach goers using an intercept survey. The study determined the value of a day at the beach and the total seasonal value of the beaches to beach goers. The study also assessed the economic loss associated with the increasing number of swimming bans.

Airport In-Flight Passenger Survey Study
Landrum & Brown

For the City of Chicago, RCF conducted a survey of more than 7,500 in-flight passengers at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. RCF designed the questionnaire with stratified sampling techniques to ensure that the survey matched the characteristics of all scheduled departures. The questionnaire enabled facility planners to understand passenger trends, evaluate airport services, and model future terminal building facilities.

The Economic Impact of Oil Production in Illinois
Illinois Oil & Gas Association

RCF conducted semi-structured in-depth interviews with 19 industry leaders. Insights gained from oil and gas producers provided details not available elsewhere about business practices, production techniques, and revenues and costs. Results were presented at the 2009 IOGA Conference.

The Economic Future of Nuclear Power in the United States
Argonne National Lab

The RCF research team conducted focus group phone interviews with expert investors in the nuclear industry. The study’s findings were influential in recent legislation and administration policy recommendations, as well as in major utilities’ decisions to begin actively considering new nuclear power plants.